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Frame Scaling: What Is It and Should You Use it?
Frame Scaling: What Is It and Should You Use it?

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#Frame #Scaling.


Frame Scaling: What Is It and Should You Use it?.

gpu scaling là gì.

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  1. The scaler in GTA V is simply shitty, therefore you saw so little of a difference… Try the FSR Mod, it improves the scaling by worlds.

  2. the aa in gta is caca and resolution scaling worked beautifully for me on rdr so hoping its the same for gta

  3. when i use it on 1440p even though its higher than 1080p it has more aliasing than 1080p which makes no sense

  4. Today I realized that I was a idiot and “upscaling” from 1080 to 4K when my monitor is 1080p

    The lost frames 🙁

  5. I still can't get it . What is the difference between lowering frame (or resolution) scale and lowering the actual resolution ? If scaling just plays with the bitrate, is that mean it is just effect when something moves ?

  6. I would say it worth it. I have used that option and it looks waaaay better. But, you need a very powerful gpu

  7. I almost always lock my frame rate in any game I play since I find a 30/60/72/120/144 FPS locked experience more enjoyable then the frame pacing of going from 80-144-120-152 to be a lot more distracting. That usually leaves me with a bit of extra GPU performance left over so I often use Super Sampling as an alternative to other forms of AA since it has less negative effects on the image quality and does not just smooth edges or make everything softer.
    That is what I happen to love about PC gaming though. Everyone can (with enough good settings) tailor the experience to how they enjoy it.

  8. I can't seem to find an option to downscale the resolution in Nvidia Control Panel. There's only options for 1.20x, 1.40x so on. No option for 0.80x etc.

  9. There is a trick to this. I have seen frame scaling able to unlock a 3d world on a 2d screen. To elaborate, there is a noticeable difference in between no frame scaling, (which absloutely sucks to me now, and a proper "tuned" frame scaling ratio that basically turns the world inside the game real, in a sense. Looking at a scene in a game like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which I have been messing with quite a bit lately, along with a few other games. In any case, I did experiments using a number of different resolutions and scenarios, and the result is the same, its difficult to point it out just looking at a picture, UNTIL YOU BEGIN TO MOVE IN THE WORLD. Frame scaling, I don't know exactly what i stumbled upon with this sorcery but its magical for real. All of a sudden, games have depth, depending on the machine specs, and the software being used to do the scaling. When I say games have depth, what i mean is that I can look at a bird in the sky with no scaling at all and go oh look, its a bird, but with frame scaling at 50% or higher, especially upwards toward 100% internal engine scaling (you might have to sacrifice native resolution to allow for higher speed) the result is a bird that you can clearly and I mean CLEARLY tell that its actually UP THERE, far UP in the SKY. There is somehow new depth information being used to trick me to believe that I can almost reach through the screen and touch all the things. There is a new spacial awareness that just doesn't happen with 0 frame scaling, and playing without framescaling anymore feels like playing in 2d lol. Not all games support frame scaling, and at the point I write this, I am not aware of any frame scaling injection techniques or procedures, but it would be awful damn cool if this could be applied in a work that would bring new life to older games if implemented properly. This tech is far too advanced to be usable enough for vr but holy shit when the technology does catch up and can be made affordable… in a nutshell framescaling. Yes.

  10. Yeah it depends of the game and situation but i rly like this option,for example i found rly good quality for the Devil May Cry 5 with 1440p resolution with 120% rendering scale, i have good fps and very good quality, if i add 130% it takes too much fps, so 120% its perfect best quality for best decent fps to play a non competitive game in my case, around 80fps on a 60Hz monitor, if i would play an online game ofc i would go with settings to have at least 120fps.

  11. What is weird is that if i turn that thing down to the lowest not off but the lowest i have the same fps as usal and if i turn it up to max i still somehow have the same fps My specs is
    Rx 5700 XT i5-4690K 32 gb ram 650PSU

  12. im still a little confused so can you answer me this

    im running borderlands 3 medium settings with 1440p at 100% res scale and i get about 55fps
    would it be better for me to put it on 1080p with ultra setting with scaling to 150%

    Im running a gsync 1440p monitor and i5800k nvidia 10606gb rog

  13. Hey Greg, I know this is old, but I have VSR enabled to play in 1440p and I get about 50-60 FPS, can I use frame scaling with that to help?

  14. I am getting a night and day difference on resolution scaling with my 720 p and 1080p monitor. 720p monitor looks like 1080p after scaling to 2.0 in mirrors edge catalyst when I returned to 1.0 the screen quality looks crap. Resolution scaling is way better than anti aliasing if you are using old monitor resolutions

  15. Frame scaling is superior to MSAA in GTA because MSAA is broken in GTA, it makes a lot of shadows in the game lose their softness and makes the grass basically transparent and for whatever reason impact the performance even more, if someone can offer a fix for this that could be nice, so far I tried using nvidia profile inspector to turn off some anti aliasing option and I thought that it did fix it but then it turned out it did not

  16. In the Online portion of GTA5, I use a custom resolution of 1914 x 1051. For some reason the game changes the size of the simple reticle and makes it much larger at it's lowest setting when you run the game at any other resolution. Applying generous amounts of AA was my initial response, but the game didn't look or run as good as I thought it should. So I turned off FXAA and MSAA and set the scaling at 2x. It looked much better, and to nudge it a little further, I set the MSAA at x2. It's the best that GTA has looked in a while and it runs pretty stable.

    Specs: 144hz/ Game locked at 60fps using riva
    1080 ti
    i7 6700k
    Windows 10 x64

  17. I use DSR tool for downsampling it allows for much higher resolutions than the original DSR settings allow. Like on a 4K monitor you can go up up up up up as well as on a 720P monitor. I have a 720P panel laying around that i plugged in this week just to give it some warm up time since it's been sitting a long time lol. I used DSR tool to downscale the 720P resolution up to 8 flipping K, 7620×4320, it is draw dropping at that point lol, no aa needed at that resolution

  18. Check out zoomed in screenshot i just made of gta 5 captured in 3440 by 1440 (21:9) both on same almost maxed out settings but left being rendered in x2.5 and right is same settings but with scale setting being off (default scale) After i maxed out scailing to x2.5 i was blown away how crisp image is with much more details (its almost like going from 720p to 1080p) but i dont know how it achieves that being same game resolution (3440 by 1440) and on same native monitor resolution (3440 by 1440) Here is couple screenshots that i compared (left is x2.5 render and right is off which is default render setting) both zoomed

  19. I have a gtx 1060 and msaa is so buggy and shitty in gta 5 for me. not sure what to do but i dont get the issue with frame scaling.

  20. So is setting the scale % the same as changing resolutions ? (correct me if my math is wrong) so is 1080 at 44% same as setting it to 720 ?

  21. I have an i7 and a zotac 1060 amp, 16gb ram and have GTA V on a SSD. I STILL can't get rid of the jaggies Simone hello me please I've tried every combination of AA in the game

  22. Scaling>AA especially for GTA V at 1080p, which looks blurry as hell. Display scaling makes it look as sharp as every other game I own.

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