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Why I'll NEVER Stay at the COSMOPOLITAN Hotel in Las Vegas EVER Again 🖕🏼 (RESOLVED) | ถูกต้องมากที่สุดthe stay hotelข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้อง

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***โปรดอ่าน*** ในวิดีโอนี้ ฉันแบ่งปันประสบการณ์ครั้งแรกที่โรงแรมคอสโมและคาสิโนในลาสเวกัส เรื่องสั้นสั้น… สิ่งต่างๆ ไม่เป็นไปด้วยดี วิธีแสดงออกของฉันคือผ่านวิดีโอนี้ กรอไปข้างหน้าประมาณ 6 เดือนต่อมาและ Cosmo ก็เอื้อมมือมาหาฉันเพื่อทำสิ่งที่ถูกต้อง รองประธานได้โทรหาฉันเป็นการส่วนตัวเพื่อแก้ไขสถานการณ์และขอโทษ เขาไม่เพียงแต่คืนเงินให้ฉันและเชิญฉันกลับไปพักที่เพนต์เฮาส์ที่ดีที่สุดของพวกเขาเท่านั้น แต่เขายังแจ้งฉันด้วยว่า Cosmo ได้อัปเดตมาตรการรักษาความปลอดภัยของพวกเขาอย่างสมบูรณ์ในส่วนที่เกี่ยวกับ vloggers และผู้สร้างเนื้อหาโดยทั่วไป โดยรวมแล้ว ฉันเลือกที่จะทิ้งวิดีโอนี้ไว้บน YouTube คอสโมไม่เคยขอให้ฉันถอดมันออกด้วย พวกเขาเคารพฉันมากพอที่จะเข้าใจความซื่อตรงในการทิ้งวิดีโอนี้ไว้ แต่ฉันต้องการให้คุณทุกคนเข้าใจว่าสถานการณ์นี้ได้รับการแก้ไขอย่างสมบูรณ์ ขอบคุณที่รับฟัง ❤️ วิดีโอ Cosmo Penthouse: ⬇ สำหรับการสอบถามเกี่ยวกับธุรกิจ โปรดติดต่อฉันโดยตรง: contactpompsie@gmail.com ติดตามฉันบนโซเชียล @Pompsie เว็บไซต์ของฉัน: สนับสนุนฉัน! 🙏 เกียร์ของฉัน! 🔥 กล้องหลัก : เลนส์หลัก : ฟิลเตอร์เลนส์ : เลนส์ซูม : เลนส์อื่นๆ : ไมค์ : ไมค์อื่นๆ : lav mic: 360 กล้อง : โดรน : ขาตั้งกล้อง : ขาตั้งกล้องโก่ง : ขาตั้งกล้องสมาร์ทโฟน : คอมพิวเตอร์ : #lasvegas #cosmopolitanlasvegas #lasvegashotels .

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Why I'll NEVER Stay at the COSMOPOLITAN Hotel in Las Vegas EVER Again 🖕🏼 (RESOLVED)
Why I'll NEVER Stay at the COSMOPOLITAN Hotel in Las Vegas EVER Again 🖕🏼 (RESOLVED)

นอกจากการหาข่าวเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้แล้ว Why I'll NEVER Stay at the COSMOPOLITAN Hotel in Las Vegas EVER Again 🖕🏼 (RESOLVED) คุณสามารถอ่านเนื้อหาเพิ่มเติมด้านล่าง

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Why I'll NEVER Stay at the COSMOPOLITAN Hotel in Las Vegas EVER Again 🖕🏼 (RESOLVED).

the stay hotel.

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45 thoughts on “Why I'll NEVER Stay at the COSMOPOLITAN Hotel in Las Vegas EVER Again 🖕🏼 (RESOLVED) | ถูกต้องมากที่สุดthe stay hotelข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้อง”

  1. Caitlin Herst

    THANK YOU for posting this because it makes me feel SO much better that I’m not alone in this happening…

    6 years ago I got married in Vegas, and had booked a wraparound terrace suite for a quiet reception with just a few people. We went around taking wedding photos while our guests waited in the room, never going around the casino area, constantly moving, and never got anyone else in the shots.

    The very second we got back to our room, and my dad was about to do his toast/speech, there was the same aggressive knock at the door, and 2 security guys in suits (very intimidating and humiliating) kicked everyone out… my grandparents, our parents, and a few other family members all had to witness this, and we ended up wasting hundreds of dollars in food and drinks that no one got to enjoy. We never even got to cut the cake or have a champagne toast on our own wedding night.

    I’ve been convinced that it was because we had a friend with a “pro” camera taking our photos… but they didn’t tell us while doing the photos… no, they waited to humiliate us in our room.

    We paid almost $1000 for the suite for the night that they tried not to refund. The next morning, I went to reception in my wedding dress CRYING and that’s the only way they gave us our money back… only on the condition that we never write a review or post about it.

    I’ve never publicly said any of this until this comment.

    🖕🏻 Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

    I’m done staying silent, thanks to you, Pompsie. I cannot believe they’re still doing this to people, 6 years later.

  2. Dave Bayliss

    The same thing happened to a friend of mine in the same hotel about 3 yrs ago , he is still missing to this very day

  3. There's another YouTuber named SayHiToMatthew who does SO many vlogs at/in and about the Cosmo. He even promotes the fact that they upgrade him, and basically provides special treatment when he stays there….and he's never been kicked out for filming in that hotel, ever.
    You got a crap deal in this and despite not knowing you beyond the vlogs I've watched, I'm pissed off just as much for how you were treated.
    Yes, I'm aware this video was posted almost 2 years ago, but I only discovered it today

  4. I watched many reviews on Vegas hotels and decided i wanted to stay at the Cosmopolitan on my next trip.
    NOT ANY MORE> Absolute disgrace. Thanks for putting this up Pompsie and Caitlin.

  5. tanvi shah

    Cosmopolitan is the shittiest hotel I have stayed at. The staff there are terrible. I've stayed at the Wynn, Aria, Bellagio, Ceasers, Venetian and even Park MGM and Cosmo is by far the worst among them when it comes to treating their customers. I had issues with my room being too dark(not enough lights), dirty red stained pillowcases and a howling noise throughout the night from my balcony due to wind and when I brought this up with the staff they said they were fully occupied and had no other room to move us into. We checked out a day earlier and the person checking us out asked how our stay was and we said it was terrible. She literally ignored and said nothing about it!!! What the hell!! They may have made it right for you because you posted a video about it but what about the common people whose voices go unheard? Their behavior is always going to be terrible!!

  6. iccarus 1975

    even if they trespass you, the moment the security forces by you and pushes you, that's assault

  7. ClubAmerica92

    I’ve been watching your videos a lot recently, very underrated YouTube. Any update on this?

  8. Tahlula Cameron

    It starting to sound like this is a common practice. I lived in vegas for almost 20 years and do not ever recall any notices at a casino / hotel where you are not allowed to take pictures or a video in your room let alone staff. For the sake of solidarity I vow never to patronize the Cosmopolitan. Oh i’m mad now just thinking about it. But, you cannot get any lower than kicking a bride out of her suite on her wedding day because someone at her wedding reception had a GoPro? And attempted to keep her $1,000… Same security guard too? Someone needs to just whip his ass and take his money.

  9. Fernando Munoz

    Had bottle service reservations at The Barbershop. Canceled. Had reservations at Super Frico. Canceled.

    We don't play that here. I travel to Vegas about 5 times a year and am generally in charge of setting reservations for high end business owners at properties and restaurants. They can suck it.

  10. Tim Montoya

    Just subbed to your channel. I was considering the cosmo for my trip in September, but after this, I’ll be looking elsewhere. Maybe the Aria or Bellagio. Total disrespect and unwillingness to work with you is unprofessional and ridiculous. I’ve worked in casino security and they always talk about de-escalation and working with guests. I won’t set foot in any place that works the way they did in your situation

  11. Spinning in vegas also has a YouTube video about the Cosmopolitan. Definitely stop me from staying there.

  12. Jon Nelson

    Wow. I saw how they made it up to you, but that’s appalling behavior. I can’t help thinking they “made it right” only because of your public platform. They wouldn’t have done that for most of us. And what the hell is “professional equipment” anyway? A camera is a camera and anyone can make videos with an iPhone. Maybe I’ll skip the Cosmo.

  13. martin valencia

    My family and I were planning on spending a week in Vegas as a reunion type gathering and had planned to stay there but no way after seeing how they treat their customers.👎to this hotel.

  14. Matt Jay Watson

    Because you where "86ed" from a casino in an American casino you will never be a casino dealer ever for the rest of your life. That goes for anybody reading this.

  15. Toni Knows

    Did they have hidden cameras in your room to know you were making a video? That's fucking creepy and weird.

  16. Homero Garza

    The reason why this happens because of the stupid thing that happened in 911 shit got real tight and in cases that have have been happening like it would happen with a massacre in Las Vegas so security is so tight

  17. AndThe2Become1Flesh

    The employees had masks covering their faces anyway. They could have been a lot more professional!

  18. superfanclub

    I will also not be staying at the Cosmo ever. I can’t stand when people with ‘power’ treat other people like this. Total BS.

  19. eddie wheeler

    I know where I WONT ever step foot in cause steal my money and you WILL have problems and maybe a few missing teeth

  20. WeGotWorkToDo

    I'm hearing about a lot of bad experiences from cosmo guests. They could give you a penthouse, helicopter ride, steak and a beejay, and I'm still convinced that I don't plan on visiting that casino. I don't think I could be as calm being kicked out with no refund, for a reason not fully specified. F em no gasoline. Excellent choice of music for this video as well. Now lemme check out this penthouse that I'll never visit hahahaha

  21. Thanks for this video. I saw Ruby’s recent video about how amazing the cosmo was but all it takes for me us one horror story to stay away. Sorry that happened to you

  22. Thanks Biden From SeaTac AP

    Before the film crew shot Ocean's Eleven do you think waltzed into the casinos? Nope they sent communication to their media dept. I don't feel bad that you got 86ed

  23. Thomas Allen

    Why is he crying like a baby? It was a good show up until he started crying like an entitled bi*ch. I will move on to something a little less dramatic. Who has time? Say your beef and get off camera.

  24. Theodore Cleaver

    I'm canceling my upcoming reservations and also telling everyone I know not to go near this place.

  25. GingerJamerz

    Pompsie: I'll never stay at the cosmo again! they treated my horribly!
    Also Pompsie: lol never mind, here's multiple videos worth of free advertising for Cosmo!
    Way to stand your ground lol.

  26. Dear Pompsie, This is what I think on your case. There are other bloggers who've been staying at Cosmopolitan, even with complimentary offers. I believe you should've announced in advance that you were going to do some research or blogging on the hotel. The other concern is that the hotel did the notorious "profiling" on you. You might've looked like a troublemaker according to the hotel management. Another blogger is a cute woman with lots of smiles on her. This is very said but you were targeted as the bad case of profiling. You should take it to explore to the main media.

  27. OldM1tanker

    Thank you for sharing g this video. I was planning to stay there for my next trip there. If this is how their guest relations are….I guess I will go over to another hotel. If I am putting out that much cash to stay there, I expect to be treated with respect.

  28. After watching several vlogs abt this place I was strongly considered booking with them. Before I did I told myself go see if You had a video first. I’m glad I did and also thank you to everyone else who also shared their experience. Although it’s a beautiful looking hotel I will not be stepping foot inside.

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